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Sensape Recognition Software

1. Does the Sensape Recognition Software save the images of persons?

The Sensape Recognition Software recognizes facial expressions via optical sensors by analyzing the change in intensity of pixel values. For example, the eyes are usually darker than the forehead or nose. The algorithm has been trained beforehand to recognize these facial features and compares them with the general intensities. The detection algorithm, on the basis of the recognized pattern, estimates whether there is a face in the pixel values or not. In the process no image data is recorded or stored. There are only analyzed pixel values which are compared with a general pattern of a face.

2. How does Sensape recognize age and gender?

For the recognition of gender and age, we use a similar technique as for face recognition. The Sensape Recognition software detects intensity changes in the human face and analyzes those changes that point to a different age or gender. For example, women typically have higher cheekbones than men. Therefore, the bright spots in the cheek area may be a clear indication of a woman. Similarly, the dark areas on the lip (for example a beard) give a clear indication of a man. The combination of facial features such as eye position, nose shape, cheekbones and the overall face shape are part of the variables that are taken into account during the recognition process.

3. Does Sensape perform face recognition?

The Sensape Recognition Software neither detects nor stores any information that can identify individuals. It only detects general facial features that can be used in general. This volatile sensor data is processed to only collect demographic statistics. There is no recorded or stored image data.
For example, we cannot recognize that Mr. Schmidt is detected again when he passes a Sensape system.

4. How does the Software detect dwell time?

The software expects that the sensor is placed on top of the display. When a person looks on the display, the frontal face is recognized. The overall time, a face looks into the display is the dwell time of the user.

5. What information will be collected?

The Sensape Recognition software saves no personal information or images. Only anonymized statistical data is collected.

6. Does Sensape save pictures of people?

No. The Sensape Recognition software saves no personal information or images.

7. How Sensape recognizes logos?

The Sensape Recognition software does recognize only pre-determined logos.

8. What happens when animals, such as dogs, are recognized?

The Sensape Recognition software is able to detect animals.

9. Where is the data stored?

Not Personal aggregated data is recorded in the system, processed or forwarded to the customer. The Sensape Recognition software saves no personal information or images.

10. Does Sensape save information of children and people under 18 years?

The Sensape Recognition Software collects data on demographic groups, not individuals. The software does not store any personal data or images.

11. Does exposure (of light) have any effect?

Dim light or other circumstances at the insertion site may have a negative effect on the performance of the technology.

12. Does the Sensape Recognition Technology determine the ethnicity of the viewer?

No, the Sensape Recognition Technology does not have this feature.

13. What can be ascertained using the Sensape analysis software?

You can infer audience viewership information for digital signage networks, from a macro view of the entire network to a single screen to a particular ad.

14. What kind of data is included in Sensape Recognition Software?

The aggregated data that Sensape Recognition Software contains includes the data about the people that have viewed the monitor relating to what ads they have seen, the percentage of gender and age.

15. Can Sensape recognize the socio-economic status of individuals who pass by?

No. The Sensape Recognition software does not recognize this type of information.

16. Can the Sensape Recognition Software recognize individuals and place any special advertising for this?

No. The Sensape Recognition software saves no personal information or behavior.

17. Can data be collected by companies that can help them in tailoring their advertisement?

Yes, aggregated data can assist advertisers in selecting ads relevant to the likely audience. For example, if the aggregated data indicates that at 11 a.m. on Wednesday mornings, 90% of people passing in front of a particular digital sign are seniors, the advertiser may choose to display an ad relevant to that demographic.

18. Can targeted advertising discover specific or individual behavior?

No. The Sensape Recognition Software does not store any individual identifiable information or behavior. Only facial expressions are recognized. No individually identifiable behavior information is collected or categorized. Pictures are not recorded.