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As a Sensape VRS customer you benefit from a clever mix of our interactive Brand Ambassador systems, Digital Screens and a self-learning, Cloud-Based Management software. This striking combo enables you to efficiently raise attention, playfully deliver your messages and automagically adapt your content for each and every viewer.

“So, I get all the tools to create a high-quality in-store information and advertising environment?”

- You are right again. Entertain your customers and sell advertising slots to your brand partners at the same time.

brand ambassador

Our interactive Brand Ambassador quickly advances to a highlight in every retail store. The digital promoter leverages Sensape’s advanced artificial perception technology to understand his environment, welcome visitors and offer products to matching target groups.







The unique image processing system not only allows him to estimate gender, age and emotions of his users, but also identifies products in their hands in realtime. These features create a broad range of possible use-cases.

Unique technology to tell unique stories

From playful advertising campaigns for snacking products, like Oreo, over recipe recommendation to comprehensive information presentation of life- style-products or your weekly offers. The Brand Ambassador is your digital team mate on the shop floor. A built in printing unit completes the device. Print out vouchers, recipes or any information you want to give to your customers to enrich their shopping experience.

Driven by an app-based content logic, you display interactive apps for your store and your brands or make them part of your offer to partner brands and clients. Sensape supports you with conception, realization and management.

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digital screens & content concept

When it comes to digital in-store screens, the right mix of content is key. Sensape VRS follows a dedicated content strategy, consisting of four blocks:

Enhancement of interactive ads: How about setting up your digital screens as powerful remarketing units? Interactive ads from your Brand Ambassador are extended to classic digital screens at the right position in your store to announce the corresponding products.

Classic ads: Display new and existing advertising content on your screens with ease.

Retailer content: Inform visitors about special offers, opening hours or open positions.

Casual content: With a focus on customer experience, it is important to keep a exciting mix of ads, information and entertainment. Therefore, Sensape VRS’ content strategy reserves time for news and further contemporary topics.


breathtaking brand experience


Every clever technology needs a brain to guide its success. Sensape VRS’ cloud-based management solution named Senscloud, aggregates usage data, provides comprehensive statistics and learns on its own.

It is capable of connecting multiple data sources from devices like Brand Ambassadors, environmental information like weather-data, locations of screens and stores as well as shopping basket data. All these data points are processed by neural networks to make your life easier and your Sensape VRS installation more valuable.

Brand Ambassador - interaction analysis

Screens with microtagging, i.e. “frozen”

Shopping baskets

Stores with macrotagging, like geo-data

Environ- mentaldata, like weather

Let the system decide what to play when and where to achieve the highest attention-rates and the best return on invest of your content.


Build up fine granular target groups to create high quality advertising slots.


Senscloud recommends playout optimizations to present your customers the information which is most relevant to them. Stop guessing about fitting content and let a fact-based recommendation engine do the heavy lifting.

And even better, Senscloud learns to divide your audience in fine-granular target groups, which may be used to create highly effective advertising slots. Promote breakfast products only to breakfast enthusiasts.

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